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Nissan Debuts IMs Autonomous Concept Car At 2019 NAIAS


Every January, the most recognized brands head to the Detroit Auto Show with secrets to let loose on the world—and Nissan let their biggest proverbial cat out of the bag in 2019, as they debuted the new Nissan IMs to much fanfare. The sporty IMs electric car fits snuggly between two other Nissan concept models in the autonomous IDs and IMx crossover. But don’t let the similar arrangement of letters in its nameplate fool you—the IMs is in its own self-defined segment.

The Ideal Self-Driving Car

The self-driving IMs is fitted with some saucy 22-inch wheels and thin racing tires that perfectly complement the sedan’s sleek V-motion design and grille-less front end. A duo of front and rear electric motors are the Oreo cookies to the passenger seat-oriented, below-deck battery pack’s sugary cream filling. Rear doors open from front to back, much like the cars our grandparents drove. Everything is packaged atop a new breakthrough Nissan electric car platform, as well, then finished with special liquid metal paint as a cherry on top.

Cabins aren’t meant to be as nice nor as modern as the IMs’s. Zero-gravity seats are elevated and bolstered with comfortable tushy cushioning and headrests, B-pillars are virtually nonexistent, and a glass roof will have you dreaming of the Milky Way even when you’re on the highway. In the rear is an innovative “Premier Seat”—and its exactly that: premier—that sits further frontward than its accompanying seats.

The unique appearance of the cockpit is quite impressive, too, as there’s no sign of a central storage compartment; in its place is a touchscreen control pad to engage or disengage autopilot. It pairs nicely with the gold-accented materials and pilot’s steering wheel. In self-driving mode, the IMs will essentially be a luxurious movie theater to your own life’s motion picture. (Someone call that Mr. Oscars Awards guy!)

We could be like the Energizer Bunny and go on and on about the IMs, but why not see it for yourself? Watch this YouTube clip to witness perfection personified in the Nissan IMs sedan.

McCarthy Olathe Nissan

For more details about any new Nissan models or concept vehicles, including the Rogue or upcoming LEAF Plus and its 226-mile range, feel free to contact our Olathe Nissan car dealership at 913-324-7364. We may not be able to get you behind the wheel of the self-driving IMs, but we do have the capability to show you some other fantastic Nissan vehicles. And that’s a promise.

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