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Best Nissan Commercial Van Upfit Accessories For Business Owners


Whether your business is rocking a fleet of NV200 Compact vans or larger NV Cargo vans, you’ll likely require customized commercial vehicle features to ensure your crew works effectively and company stands out in a crowd. Built to aid all types of industry professionals, from plumbers to electricians to delivery drivers, Nissan commercial van accessories offer limitless potential. If you’re a commercial fleet manager searching for new solutions to old problems, try one of these aftermarket and authentic Nissan van upfit options.

NV Compact Cargo Van

NV Solutions for Contractors & Food Service Professionals

  • Cargo Van Interior Shelving System – Organize your NV200 or Nissan NV’s cargo area with a customized shelving solution. Specialty shelves can be constructed to meet your specific needs, allowing you to harness every cubic inch of space when transporting food. This is an incredibly helpful NV accessory for wedding caterers and delivery drivers.
  • Commercial Van Refrigeration – Keep food at just the right temperature no matter the destination. Custom NV van refrigeration units are heavily insulated and can be built to spec. Nissan van refrigerators are excellent options for local meat, produce, and seafood transporters.
  • Cargo Van Heating Units – Similarly, if you’re transporting hot food to a venue or client, a van heating compartment is essential. Not only will a commercial van heater keep food warm, but it also secures secure catering pans and chafers for the journey ahead.
  • Mobile Office – Swiveling laptops, sliding tabletops, and even stationary desks transform your Nissan van’s cockpit or cargo area into a quiet workspace. You and your team of contractors can stay productive without having to head back to the hotel. These are excellent commercial van solutions for jobsite foremen and insurance adjusters.
  • Specialty Ladder Racks – For roofers, home renovators, and independent contractors, a quality commercial van rack is a necessity. But not all cargo van ladder racks are created equal. Depending on daily applications, you should construct personalized NV Cargo ladder racks, including Clamp & Lock hood racks, mechanical docking stations, and “EZ Drop Down” side storage systems.
  • Small Item Storage – Electricians and plumbers work best when all their tools are within reach. With durable commercial van drawers and shelves, every nut, bolt, washer, and fuse can be stored and accessed within seconds. These Nissan cargo van storage solutions can even be built with fold-away shelves.
  • Exterior Lighting – Upfit emergency service vans with aftermarket roof-mounted lightbars, dome beacons, and lightheads. Nissan NV cargo lights can also be outfitted with warning sirens, within legal limits.
  • Slide-out Cargo Tray – Upfit your Nissan NV with a steel pull-out cargo platform for easier access to larger materials and equipment. These are ideal cargo management solutions for furniture deliverers, lumber transporters, and landscapers or lawn service providers.
  • Commercial Van Conversions – If you own a taxiing business or manage a hotel, increasing your NV van capacity or upgrading the interior could work wonders. You can add more seats legally, install a TV and entertainment area, and even equip handicap seating to your Nissan NV or passenger van.

Job Site

Contact Your Nissan Commercial Fleet Dealer For Details

To get the most out of your company’s NV200, NV Passenger, or NV Cargo vans, be sure to speak with your local Nissan fleet dealer. If you need help choosing the right gear or even financing a fleet of Nissan vehicles in Kansas City, come to McCarthy Nissan in Olathe, KS. Contact our Nissan sales team at 913-324-7364 to discuss your commercial van or Nissan truck needs and available finance options.

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