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Scary Haunted Houses Near Kansas City: Ranked


Can you feel that Halloween spirit yet? No? Then perhaps you need it scared into you. And what better place to give you goosebumps than Kansas City, the self-proclaimed “Haunted House Capital of the World”! As we creep toward trick-or-treating season in Kansas City, now’s your chance to test that steely resolve. Here are the area’s 11 scariest, downright terrifying haunted attractions. You’re welcome/we’re sorry. Halloween

1. The Edge of Hell

Since 1974, The Edge of Hell has been brewing multi-story terror in Kansas City. Recognized as perhaps the creepiest haunted house in West Bottoms, its one soul sole purpose has been to scare the you-know-what out of anyone with a pulse each Halloween. Rat Man, vampires, and even a hound-led Beelzebub roam the halls of this haunted manor, so pack an extra pair of skivvies in your glove compartment. Kansas City haunted houses don’t get much better.

Tickets for The Edge of Hell cost between $30 (single) and $50 (VIP).

2. Worlds of Fun Halloween Haunt

“Enter the realm of darkness and brave the many nightmares of our haunted attractions.” Sounds cozy. Everyone’s favorite Kansas City theme park, Worlds of Fun, transforms into a Halloween Scare-a-thon each fall. Attractions include haunted houses and rides like Blood on the Bayou, BloodShed, Chamber of Horrors, Zombie High, The Boneyard, and the cleverly titled CornStalkers maze. Expect hundreds of monsters, spooky performances, and thousands of thrills.

The Worlds of Fun Haunt is suited for teenagers and adults. Prices range from $30 to $115.

3. Macabre Cinema

Can you escape from Freddy Krueger’s nightmare? How about Pennywise’s sewer-y lair? Could you avoid being the victim of Jason’s machete or Michael’s machete-sized knife? Macabre Cinema offers the ultimate test of heroism in true Hollywood fashion. This Kansas City haunted attraction puts you in your favorite horror films, from Scream to Halloween to Friday the 13th. Will you be the first of your group to see a gruesome end or are you the protagonist whose nine-film arc has already been planned? Find out inside one of Kansas City’s coolest haunted houses.

Tickets for Macabre Cinema cost between $30 (single) and $50 (VIP).

4. The Basement

A cannibal serial killer, who has a penchant for the film series Saw, has chosen his next victim: you. Group up with friends to gather clues, solve his maniacal puzzles, and make it out of this scary escape room in one piece. The Basement is known as one of the most unique escape rooms in the country, and it undoubtedly made our list of top Halloween haunts in Kansas City. Visit if you dare.

Tickets cost $32 each.

5. The Beast

Voted one of the country’s scariest haunted houses, The Beast takes no prisoners. Located near The Edge Of Hell attraction, this Kansas City haunt features four frightful floors full of phantoms, Frankensteins, and fun—that is, if your idea of “fun” is sprinting from a hideous, blood-thirsty Beast. Make your way to the top with all your senses and limbs intact, and you’ll find sweet release via a 45-foot slide to safety. Phew.

Oh, and don’t forget to watch the Kansas City Chiefs linemen scream like little girls. Tickets for The Beast cost between $30 (single) and $50 (VIP).

6. The Living Dead at Paradise Park

When you mix hordes of undead with sadistic clowns, you have a killer party on your hands—literally speaking, of course. That’s exactly what’s on tap when you visit this Lee’s Summit haunted attraction on Halloween. Once you enter, you’ve got 5 minutes before The Circus of The Living Dead turns you into one of their own. Godspeed.

There’s also haunted laser tag, hayrides, escape rooms, and general Halloween shenanigans at Paradise Park. Tickets for The Living Dead haunted house are $16 each.

7. Haunted Atchison

McInteer Villa and Sallie House: Two of the creepiest real haunted houses in America. Luckily, you can tour them both in Atchison this Halloween season.

Venture into the McInteer Villa if you’re brave enough. Built in 1889, the villa is an architectural goldmine that just so happens to be inhabited by evil spirits. Oh well. Take a self-guided tour for $10 per person.

Don’t forget to stop by Sallie House, Atchison’s most infamous haunted attraction. With any luck, you’ll witness paranormal events that cannot be explained by man or photoshop. It’s seriously unsettling, so enter at your own risk. Tours run through the end of October, and you can even inquire about overnight stays if you’re ready to fully regress into a bedwetting toddler.

8. Hemlock Hills House

If you like your frights in smaller doses, explore this Overland Park haunted house. Designed by John and Bert Bestor, Hemlock Hill House is decorated each October to be the neighborhood’s most popular attraction. Be gentle—this attraction is on personal property, but that doesn’t stop the owners from keeping it open to the public 7 nights a week through Halloween.

Message the frightfully talented designers on Facebook for hours and details.

9. Toynbees House of Horrors

Another homebuilt haunted house, Toynbees is located in Gardner, KS, and it’s loved by just about everyone. Fans voted Toynbees House of Horrors as the #1 Must-See Haunt in Kansas. Does it deserve the praise? You be the judge this Halloween.

Admission is $20 per person, with discounts for groups and military members.

10. Exiled Trail of Terrors

Lace up your boots and pack the crew in your Nissan Rogue: you’re all going on a terrifying adventure in the woods of Bonner Springs, KS. Explore the pitch black with just your wits as you scurry through the Exiled Trail of Terrors. This haunted Halloween attraction is essentially a one-mile hike, but with added elements of horror to ensure you never again venture into the forest alone. Isolation has never been more horrifying. Are you prepared?

Tickets cost between $25 and $30 at the door. Visitors should be older than 12 years of age.

11. Mount Washington Manor

Independence, Missouri, is known as Queen City of the Trails—except in October when it becomes Queen City of the Coffin Nails (hey, at least I’m trying). That’s coincidentally around the time Mount Washington Manor Haunted House opens its hellish doors. Although it’s a family-friendly haunted house in Independence, Mt. Washington Manor and its 10 creepy rooms are not for the squeamish or faint of heart. Once a funeral home, this manor is now just creepy as all get-out. And that’s exactly what you’ll want to do once you step into the Autopsy room.

Tickets cost $5 for kids and $10 for adults.

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