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2020 Nissan Altima vs. 2020 Toyota Camry


Altima vs Camry

7 Main Reasons to Buy the New Altima

Which two popular sedans are on everyone’s wishlist come tax time? The Nissan Altima and Toyota Camry, probably. They’re both leaders in the midsize sedan class. They both come with a surprisingly robust amount of features. And they’re both stylized up the wazoo.

Yes, it’s true that the 2020 Camry is an exceptional car. But the new 2020 Altima might just be better (or uber-exceptional, if we may). Take a look at the top seven reasons why the 2020 Nissan Altima deserves a spot in your garage this winter.

7. Key Activated Remote Engine Start

The Altima comes standard with a special key fob that features a remote engine-start button. Thanks to Nissan’s Intelligent Climate Control system, pressing that button creates a whole world of magic inside the Altima. Its ICC system automatically adjusts cabin temperatures based on the weather outside—if it’s a cold Kansas City day, the heater turns on, for example. Heck, it even heats up the steering wheel and seats, meaning your morning commute is that much more manageable.

Nissan Key Fob

6. VC-Turbo Engine

The world’s first and only variable compression turbo engine (VC-Turbo) sits underneath Altima’s finely sculpted hood. Unlike other fixed-compression turbocharged engines of its ilk, the VC-Turbo begins at high compression (18:1 ratio) for immediate V6-like power; it then spools up for more power at lower compression (14:1 ratio). Best of all, Altima’s engine automatically adjusts between high and low compressions when cruising speeds change.

For the layman, the VC-Turbo is highly efficient because it adapts to driving conditions. All without you doing a thing.

VC-Turbo Engine

5. Intelligent All-Wheel Drive

Select 2020 Altima sedans come available with Nissan’s excellent Intelligent All-Wheel Drive system. Much like in the popular Nissan Rogue, this all-wheel-drive system constantly monitors road conditions and adjusts traction control when inclement weather—snow, ice, rain, oil—make driving more dangerous or difficult. Nissan Altima ensures you’re right where you need to be, even when Mother Nature has other plans for you.

Intelligent All-Wheel Drive

4. Intelligent Driver Alertness

The conventional cup of coffee isn’t a cure-all for drowsiness; the only solution is to catch some Zs. Utilizing a built-in camera and sensors, Nissan Altima monitors your steering patterns and miscues, then alerts you when it thinks you need a catnap. Save a life and catch up on sleep.

Intelligent Driver Alertness

3. Standard Easy-Fill Tire Alert

Every new 2020 Altima comes standard with the class-exclusive Easy-Fill Tire Alert TPMS. This system notifies you when your tire PSI gets low, as well as which tire needs attention. As you begin to pump it with primo air, the Altima will honk the horn when the correct PSI is met. A comparable tire pressure monitoring system is available only in range-topping Camry trims.

Standard Easy-Fill Tire Alert

2. Front Seat Spaciousness

With top-tier front-row roominess, Altima is the ultimate driver’s car. Front legroom comes in at an incredible 43.8 inches, headroom tops out at 39.2 inches, and shoulder room equals 58.2 inches—all dimensions that Camry’s spec sheet can’t touch with a ten-foot pole. Add in comfortable leather-trimmed, 8-way power front seats, and you’ve got a portable living room.

Front Seat Spaciousness

1. Cargo Volume

Base Camry L models have 14.1 cubic feet of space in the trunk. All Nissan Altima trims offer 15.4-cubic-feet of cargo room. Pop the 60/40-split rear seats down to load up bulkier items. Simply put, the 2020 Altima is the more spacious of the two sedans.

Cargo Volume

Don’t dilly-dally on your next car purchase. Visit your Nissan dealer to get with the program—and get with the Altima.

For Altima sales and Nissan lease offers in Kansas City, contact McCarthy Olathe Nissan at 913-324-7364. Our car dealership is located at 683 N Rawhide in Olathe, KS, and we proudly serve shoppers throughout the Kansas City region.


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